1. The association welcomes the students enrolled in any academic program of the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) at Bayamón, P.R.
  2. Every member should be an active student at UCC.
  3. All members (including the board of directors) need to be punctual and present at all meetings to which they have been convened. In the case of absence, the student must present an excuse to the secretary prior to the meeting.
  4. The association may dismiss a member of the board of directors if he/she fails to assist to the meetings and activities of GSA.
  5. Every member is expected to maintain a satisfactory academic performance.
  6. The board of directors will be selected every year by all the active members in the association.
  7. The principal requirements to become part of the board of directors of GSA are: (1) be an active member of GSA and (2) have finished at least one year of study at UCC.
  8. Members must sign the attendance’s list at all activities and meetings.
  9. Members should follow the code of conduct of UCC during the activities either inside or outside UCC campus.
  10. These rules will be subjected to revision if the board of directors finds it necessary.